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Samsung Electronics partnres with Maramedia Publishing for African Education Week

Published: 25 June 2013

Maramedia Publishing has been named as a provider of local education content for Samsung Electronics South Africa through the use of the Maramedia app, available at no cost from the Samsung app store, during the African Education Week convention and learning expo that took place from Thursday, 20 June to Saturday, 22 June in Sandton.

“Through relentless innovation Samsung is not only transforming the consumer electronics industry but also providing initiative solutions that support improvements in education. Our partnership with Maramedia is designed to ensure that we can provide students with a practical way to enhance their learning experience,” says Paulo Ferreira, head of Enterprise Mobility at Samsung Electronics South Africa.

For Dion Kotze, academic research and development at Maramedia Publishing, the partnership was a natural fit for the company.

“Samsung devices are ideal for our education solution. The app is a free download, offering in-app purchases that have content for multiple grades using interactive digital manuals covering the whole school syllabus for a year. What makes us different from other educational content is the fact that our app allows learners to work offline and puts us at the forefront of revolutionising learning material,” says Kotze.

This means that all the video, animation, illustration, and other education content is stored on the Samsung device.

“This is an education solution designed to fit into the reality of South Africa where data connectivity is not pervasive. The Samsung Galaxy tablets are the ideal device to use for this solution as completing the work sheets on it is very easy to do,” says Kotze.

Ferreira echoes this sentiment. “In terms of portability and battery life, tablets are a great way to drive educational content in the local market. We are excited about the partnership with Maramedia as we continue to look at innovative ways to empower South Africans of all ages with content designed for their specific requirements.”

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