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Western Cape Province goes all out to educate the nation on World TB Day

Published: 17 May 2012

World Tuberculosis (TB) Day is an event that aims to raise public awareness about TB and the efforts made to prevent and treat the disease. This event is held on 24 March every year, as part of TB Month, and is promoted by numerous organisations.

Western Cape Province goes all out to educate the nation on World TB Day
South Africa commemorated World TB Day 2012 under the theme…
‘Zero Infections, Deaths, Stigma and Discrimination from TB and HIV in my Lifetime’, which focused on the improved management of TB and HIV in South African mines.

In continuum from last year, the Kick TB Campaign will continue to involve learners in the fight against TB and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. World TB Day also saw the start of an annual roll-out of TB and HIV services to all gold mines.

Various initiatives were undertaken by government and other organisations to support World TB Day.

The Desmond Tutu TB Centre placed an order with PocketMedia® Solutions for TB and HIV Z-CARD®s. These cards were donated to the City of Cape Town’s Department of Health for distribution. The cards were split into two different designs, one focusing on ‘Stop TB’ and the other promoting ‘Get Tested’. Both cards were produced in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa in an attempt to educate all South Africans about the disease.

The Z-CARD®s were delivered in time for World TB Day and were distributed to the community via various clinics and TB Centres in the Western Cape.

The Western Cape Department of Health also procured Z-CARD®s for World TB Day for its five rural districts.

Five different designs were done listing the clinics for the Western Cape Department of Health’s five rural districts. The cards were handed out to members of the public who make use of its health facilities, and were provided to schools and clubs on World TB Day. The ongoing campaign will ensure the future distribution of the cards.

“The Z-CARD®s are an educational tool to generate awareness around TB. The aim is to minimise the risk of patients not completing their medication and provide a list of facilities and their contact details.

“We were happy to be able to provide both clients with compact PocketMedia® applications which enable them to effectively get their message across to their intended target audience,” says John Davis, the Managing Director of PocketMedia® Solutions.

For more information about PocketMedia® Solutions, visit www.zcard.com or email info@zmedia.co.za. Follow us on Twitter: @PocketMedia_SA and join us on Facebook: @Pocketmediasolutions z-media.

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