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TLC and Dettol raise funds for the Children’s Hospital Trust

Published: 18 April 2012

Dettol has launched its ‘Health for More Touch’ campaign across Unlimited’s TLC platforms for a period of three months. The campaign is encouraging consumers to buy any Dettol product and help raise funds for the Children’s Hospital Trust.

TLC and Dettol raise funds for the Children’s Hospital Trust
The Dettol campaign demonstrates how a brand can combine CSI initiatives and product information in clear and creative communication. Should consumers be required to make a choice between similar competitive products, the brand supporting a CSI project is usually favoured.

“This particular campaign is currently running in 37 LSM A malls nationwide,” says TLC’s Joint MD Brett Tucker. “Dettol has been a long standing supporter of our platforms over the years and we’re pleased to have the opportunity to assist them in raising funds for the Children’s Hospital.”

TLC’s standard A4 frames are being used to promote the initiative alongside mirror decals, wall and door wraps.

“The overall effect is quite striking, drawing your attention straight to the message,” says Trucker. “Client elected to use female only wash rooms for this drive and so far, women have been very receptive to the campaign. The key to the communication is two-fold. Dettol have taken complete ownership of the wash room with large format branding driving brand awareness, and A4 frames which educate consumers about the project. Secondly, these malls are relevant in terms of their environment and provide access to over 15-million female consumers every month.”

For more information, visit www.tlc-media.co.za, www.facebook.com/TLC.SA or www.twitter.com/TLCinSA.

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