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Grolsch pulls out all the stops at this year's Design Indaba

Published: 24 February 2011

In celebration of its second consecutive year at Design Indaba, the premium Dutch beer, Grolsch, has called on creative thinkers in South Africa to bring its brand to life at the 2011 event to innovate and design elements showcasing Grolsch's true character and creative artistry.

Grolsch pulls out all the stops at this year's <i>Design Indaba</i>
Grolsch is known for its independent spirit and unconventional thinking as embodied in the iconic Swingtop bottle. We are committed to supporting and nurturing creative thinking both globally and locally, and we have enjoyed working with a team of skilled designers and creative thinkers to bring the craftsmanship, artistry and creative spirit of Grolsch to life at Design Indaba 2011,” said Mashinka Fourie, Grolsch Marketing Manager.

One of these artists is innovative illustrator Minky Stapleton, who designed a series of facial features for a Grolsch iPad application called 'Create a Character' where you can express your own true character and unique identity. “I loved every minute of it,” she said. “I created about 200 different hairstyles, hats, mouths, beards, noses, eyes and glasses, using basic characteristics as well as totally outrageous features. The hardest part was getting every feature to work with each other, but it was very exciting,” she added.

Using Stapleton’s drawings, Steven Preston of Cobi Interactive created the innovative Grolsch iPad application, where delegates and expo visitors can design completely unique characters on the iPad, which they can post on their individual Facebook pages, and a selection of the best will be posted on the Grolsch Facebook page. Steven also created a second application that involved drawing one’s own work of art, called 'Creative Artistry'. “The combination of the iPad’s touch screen and the interface used in the applications, as well as the fantastic illustrations create a very entertaining experience,” Preston explained.

“It’s great to see brands like Grolsch recognizing the significance of mobile applications in their marketing strategy and pushing the creative limits further than the norm in this area," he added.

While some artists created technical creative magic for Grolsch, sound designer and composer Shaun Michau, created something phenomenal in its deceptive simplicity. To create a melody, Shaun experimented with 200 empty bottles filled with water at different levels. This led to the discovery of seven distinctive notes in each Grolsch which were ingeniously used to create a melody that had been especially composed for Grolsch.

This feature has been built into Grolsch’s innovative 360-degree bar, which is on the expo floor at Design Indaba. Visitors to the bar will be treated to a musical rendition using these Grolsch bottles while sipping on an ice-cold Swingtop.

Design Indaba 2011 gives Grolsch the perfect opportunity to express its true character and creative spirit. The brand promises to engage delegates and visitors in an innovative and interactive way through the Swingtop Opening activations that will take place at the Grolsch 360-degree bar at 16:15 on the expo floor as a tribute to the year that Grolsch was born. Guests will be able to express their true character on Grolsch iPad applications in a fun and customised way with a chance of winning innovative Grolsch-inspired gifts.

Visitors will also be asked to vote for their favourite Grolsch Swingtop Chandelier and the winning chandelier may then be featured in select international bars and hot spots where Grolsch can be found, showcasing South African creativity. To top this all off, delegates will celebrate their creative inspiration at the official Design Indaba after party, proudly sponsored by Grolsch.

“This year, we have strived to be even more inspiring and unconventional in our activations. Grolsch has given Design Indaba 2011 expo goers the opportunity to express their true character by making creativity more accessible,” concluded Fourie.

For more information visit www.grolsch.com/za and www.designindaba.com.

Image caption:
The Grolsch Indabar also to be showcased at Design Indaba 2011.

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